Live Musicians

Live music brings energy and emotion to a room. Finding the right musician can create the perfect atmosphere and truly be the "so to speak" cherry on top of your ceremony or celebration. 

Mike Wells

Saxaphonist | Pianist | DJ

Mike has over 28 years of musical experience.  He has performed for many celebrities such as; Michael Jordan, President Ford, Warren Buffett, and Emmitt Smith just to name a few.  Mike has DJ'd over 500 weddings.  He is interactive, fun and will make sure your guests stay on the dance floor.   Mike also plays piano and saxophone which may be added to your  ceremony and  or cocktail hr . 

Alec Roeser

Pianist | Vocalist | DJ

With numerous musical credits to his name, as well as an extensive history in the industry, you’ll be delighted to consider him as your DJ. Alec Roeser began as a young and enthused musician, gathering tips from the greats such as Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and “Ray Charles” to name a few. He gathered notoriety at the age of 12 through his talents as a pianist, performing at many venues such as “Smiths Old Bar” and the “Variety Playhouse” in Atlanta, Ga. Following this, he began Producing albums for many eclectic artists and developed a passion for vocals. As a song writer, pianist and vocalist, he was then recognized by Rundgren Radio and went on to open for Todd Rundgren (producer of Meatloafs Bat Out Of Hell who also was the creator of “Hello Its Me”, “I Saw The Light”, and Bang On The Drum All Day”). Alec looks forward to working with you and promises to provide his talents and convictions to your event.